Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin

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8 Route de Labrousse
33390 - St-Martin-Lacaussade

Tél. : 05 57 32 51 61
Fax : 05 57 32 51 38

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Presentation of an AOC Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux leader

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin is a wonderful property which originated in the 19th century. Bought in 1991 by Jacques and Sabrina CHARDAT, the vineyard of 18 hectares has been progressively extended with purchase of plots and new plantings to extend to 40 hectares today.

Oenologist graduated from the University of Bordeaux, Jacques Chardat realized his dream: to awaken a prestigious terroir with a determination and a faultless determination an unwavering commitment , and make known to all amateur enthusiasts a wine full of charm and fineness

The vineyard and the soil

The vineyard is located 40 km north of Bordeaux along the Gironde estuary, on the Right Bank, front of Grands Crus Classés of Médoc. The vineyards are located on the hill along the river. Thanks to this the vineyard profits of a very good conditions as the mild temperatures and an extraordinary brightness.

The most beautiful hill just above the river, facing south allows the top to admire both the size of the estuary and the towers of the villages of St Julien and Pauillac and Blaye Citadel built by Vauban, which is now classified by UNESCO as World Heritage by the Humanity. Our vineyard are also one part of this great heritage. 

Rock ! Limestone! The famous limestone vein from Blaye due North, along the Gironde Estuary. On the surface, a layer of gray clay mixed with limestone pebbles and fossils sea urchins. A poor soil, ideal for vines of Merlot and Cabernet.

Our commitments

To defend and preserve this great terroir, the owners have made strong commitments. They have chosen organic methods and the property is certified ISO 14001 and HEV level 3 (High Environmental Value, the highest level of French environmental certification for farms). They no longer use herbicide, neither synthetic fertilizers. They implement everywhere on the whole property agroecological solutions : hedgerow plantations along the streams and tree plantations (maples, dogwood, charms, hazelnuts, willows, hawthorns, oaks, walnuts, apple trees, pear trees, plum trees…). This work allows to develop biodiversity and the effects are real on fauna and flora. Life is present everywhere in the vineyard and the owners rejoice in it. They even have hives!

A dynamic team manages the property whose goal is perfection

In the vineyard is worked with respect for the environment, by using traditional farming methods and modern equipment. Our daily obsession is to obtain a finely crafted grape, healthy, ripe and filled with aromatic richness. The vinification is carried out by our winemaker, Eric Delacroix. With Jacques Chardat, they make every effort to make Lacaussade Saint-Martin, White or Red, an undisputed reference in the region.

Our product range in AOC Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, red and white wines

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin "Trois Moulins" White wine


This cuvée is a dry white wine with a great complexity: woody hints and candied fruit and exotic fruit aromas. It has great ageing qualities and will be at its peak in 5 years. This wine can be served with foie-gras, scallops, fish casseroles or poultry, but goes too with a cheese platter or as an aperitif.



2020 Vintage Coup de Cœur Guide Hachette 2022

                      Gold Medal Concours de Lyon 2021

                      90/100 Decanter WW Awards 2021

2019 Vintage Silver Medal Vinalies Nationales 2020

                      Silver Medal Concours de Lyon 2020

                      Silver Medal Challenge Bourg 2020

2018 Vintage Gold Medal Concours Terre de Vins 2019

2017 Vintage Gold Medal Concours Féminalise 2018

2016 Vintage Gold Medal Challenge Bourg 2017            

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin "Trois Moulins" Red wine


The wine is very expressive, generous, full and fleshy but always slightly tense, a vivacity and a freshness always very appreciable : it is the soil’s effect, the limestone !



2020 Vintage Gold Medal Concours Féminalise 2021

                      90/100 Decanter WW Awards 2021

                      89-90 James Suckling 2021

2019 Vintage 1 Star Guide Hachette 2022

                      90/100 Decanter Magazine

2018 Vintage 1 Star Guide Hachette 2021

                      92/100 Decanter WW Awards 2020

                      Best Buy Wine Enthusiast

2017 Vintage Coup de Cœur Guide Hachette 2020

                      Gold Medal Concours de Paris 2018

                      Gold Medal Concours Féminalise 2018

2016 Vintage Gold Medal Concours de Lyon 2017

                      Gold Medal Concours de Macon 2017

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin "Clémence" Red wine


We have created this new cuvée for our daughter which symbolizes the renewal of our property and to express the terroir of Lacaussade. A nose of red fruits, none notes of wood that would weigh down the tasting and a fresh mouth which express the limestone that outcrops everywhere. In short, this wine has got a very high drinkability degree!




2019 Vintage Gold Medal Challenge Bourg 2020

                      Gold Medal Les Citadelles 2020

                      Gold Medal Concours de Lyon 2020

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin "Héritage" Red wine


The Heritage cuvée symbolizes all the commitments and the wine expresses the beautiful terroir of Lacaussade. An intense black color, a rich nose where red stone fruit are very present, a fleshy and balanced mouth between delicacy and woody, a very nice length. This wine is a gem to keep for a few years and share with everyone!




2019 Vintage Gold Medal Challenge Bourg 2020

                      Gold Medal Les Citadelles 2020

                      Gold Medal Concours de Lyon 2020

                      Gold Medal Concours de Bruxelles 2020

2018 Vintage 91/100 Andreas Larsson

                      90/100 James Suckling

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